Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Launches Zurcon® DRV5 Flange Seal

The innovative design of Zurcon® DRV5 Flange Seal prevents seal failures, enhances performance and allows for use in a wider range of applications.

Zurcon® DRV5 Flange Seal

Zurcon® DRV5 Flange Seal from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions provides safe and leak-free flange connections, acting as an insurance policy in equipment’s SA J518 and ISO 6162:1 flanges. In FEA simulation testing to optimize its design on minimum and maximum values of the groove, it demonstrated outstanding performance through all testing phases.

Core applications for Zurcon® DRV5 include hydraulics, press manufacturing and materials handling. The seal provides low friction characteristics, exceptional wear resistance, easy assembly while increasing duty cycles and preventing extrusion and nibbling.

The operating temperature range of Zurcon® DRV5 is -35 ºC to +110 ºC / -31 ºF to +230 ºF for standard Z20 version; -50 ºC to +110 ºC / -58 ºF to +230 ºF for Z22 version. The seal is designed to work in both standardized SAE J518 and ISO 6162:1 flanges, meaning it is suited to a broad range of applications.

For further details download the Zurcon® DRV5 leaflet