Wind power sealing solutions brochure

Worldwide, wind power is the most developed alternative energy source. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, as a leading global supplier of high quality sealing solutions with over 60 years of experience providing seals to a variety of industries, has been involved in the wind power industry from the beginning.

Optimized solutions for optimized performance

Trelleborg’s sealing expertise and solutions can accelerate the time to market, improve the efficiency of existing applications and lengthen maintenance intervals for wind power equipment manufacturers. All of which can contribute to decreased downtime and increased yield for the wind power operators. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions now offers a wind power brochure that brings together some of our knowledge in this industry.

It includes:

  • Breakout of wind turbine showing Trelleborg solutions
  • Details of key sealing wind turbine applications
  • Product and material spotlights featuring recommended solutions

Download or order your copy now! The new wind power brochure can be downloaded from or a printed copy can be ordered from you local Trelleborg Sealing Solutions marketing company.

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