Turcon® Variseal® Catalog Updated with New Visual Style for Ease of Use

Following the previous update which combined the inch and metric ranges into a single resource, a new version of the Turcon® Variseal® Catalog has been released which improves the layout and incorporates suggestions from customer feedback.

Turcon® Variseal®

Turcon® Variseal®

About Turcon® Variseal®
Turcon® Variseal® is a PTFE based spring-energized seal. It offers a very low coefficient of friction and is suitable for dynamic and static sealing at speeds of up to 15 m/s / 49 ft/sec. With virtually universal chemical compatibility, it has an operating temperature of -253 °C up to +300 °C / -423 °F to +572 °F. It is also capable of withstanding high pressures above 200 MPa / 2000 bar / 29000 psi when using Back-up Rings.

Enhancements to this version of the Turcon® Variseal catalog:

  • The Turcon® Variseal® W2 design metric range is introduced. The low friction specific Turcon® Variseal® W metric range has been removed, but remains available.
  • The Turcon® Roto Variseal® inch range is introduced.
  • A 15 digit part number system is included for metric selection for the first time.
  • Catalog format changed to make it easier to read and use including increased illustration sizes.
  • HiClean selection part number digit D has been superseded by R (red silicone)

To download the catalog, click here .