Turcon® Roto L Seal to lower Operating Costs

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions launches the unique Turcon® Roto L seal. Its patented design means it only seals when required.

Used in central tire inflation systems, this gives total life sealing and most importantly, helps off-highway vehicle and truck operators save energy and fuel, lowering their overall operating costs.

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has engineered a seal that only seals around the axle of central tire inflation systems when required: when the tire is pressurized to inflate or deflate it. Conventional seals for central tire inflation systems are constantly heavily in contact with a vehicle’s axle, wearing the seal and causing friction that uses energy, thereby consuming fuel unnecessarily. By eliminating friction when the tire is not pressurized, Turcon® Roto L prevents unnecessary energy loss, cutting fuel consumption appreciably.

Extended Life

“The most obvious advantage of the Turcon® Roto L sealing concept is that seal life is extended,” says Holger Jordan, Manager Fluid Power Technology at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. “Only operating perhaps 10 percent of the life of the vehicle’s axle system, it means the seal is going to provide total system life sealing. More importantly though is that friction is eliminated when there is no pressurization. This saves energy and leads to significant fuel savings for the vehicle operator.”

Turcon® Roto L combines a polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) sealing lip with a rubber jacket and a stable shape-forming metal part. The seal’s patented design means that for the majority of the time, the sealing lip is held up against the sealing surface. The seal is only activated when the system is pressurized. Then, the pressure causes the sealing lip to press against the sealing surface until the pressure is relieved. Afterward the jacket of the seal, acting like a spring, brings the sealing lip back to its original position