Trelleborg@Brembo – World Class Supplier For Brake Systems

As part of Trelleborg’s current roadshow offer, five specialists from AutoHub Sales Engineering recently visited their customer Brembo, in Stezzano, Italy, where carbon ceramic brake discs are designed, developed, and produced in collaboration with another company. The aim of this meeting was to offer the customer a comprehensive overview of Trelleborg’s activities and provide their engineers with a deeper technical knowledge of the products and solutions.

Supplier For Brake SystemsThere was obviously much interest on Brembo’s part, with no fewer than 30 engineers attending the presentation. Brembo had made its largest training room available for the roadshow, and among those participating were such key decision-makers as the R&D manager and the head of the motor racing department.

Following an introduction to the Trelleborg Group and the AutoHub in particular, the roadshow presented specialized knowledge on the materials used by the company. Alongside an explanation of the major stages involved in elastomer production, the Brembo engineers were also given an insight into the criteria governing the design of piston seals and O-rings. Finally, the team offered a critical analysis of the standards established by Brembo, a topic that was enthusiastically received.
Nor was the presentation simply a one-way lecture. The Brembo engineers were equally motivated, and used this opportunity to begin considering which applications could utilize Trelleborg seals. The resulting lively discussions continued on into the early evening. As a result, the Trelleborg specialists returned to Stuttgart with a large folder filled with requests that will need to be investigated over the forthcoming weeks.

The feedback gathered from the evaluation forms confirmed the positive impression the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions experts took away from the meeting. Brembo has even expressed a desire for further visits, specifically requesting deeper technical details and special training for their employees in the sales department and QA.

Needless to say, Trelleborg is only too happy to meet these customer requests and is looking forward to returning to Stezzano before too long.

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