Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Announces New Material Compatibility App as Total App Downloads Surpass One Million

Adding to its range of apps to simplify an engineer’s working life, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has released the new Material Compatibility app for the life sciences segment. Its ever expanding range of apps have proven popular, with over one million total downloads across iOS and Android platforms.

The Material Compatibility App offers a quick and easy overview of the materials that are compatible with different medical, pharmaceutical and bioprocessing environments. With it, engineers can cross reference 34 different materials with 35 chemical environments to find the most effective compounds for their application. Up to 20 materials and environments can be selected at once, allowing quick checking of multiple materials and conditions and producing an easy to read compatibility chart which rates each material from “excellent” to “not recommended”.

The Material Compatibility app joins a range of more than ten apps from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, including product related apps, mechanical engineering aides and technical calculators.

Wolfgang Heinrich, Project Manager Web and Mobile for Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, says “Web apps are very useful, but our customers also want something that can be used on the go. In response, we started to develop our tools for mobile use. Now they’re being used as much as our web services, and have just surpassed one million total downloads.”

Over One Million Downloads
To view Trelleborg Sealing Solutions full range of mobile apps, visit or search for “Trelleborg” on the App Store or GooglePlay.