Trelleborg Wins Two Awards for Engineering Innovation

Trelleborg has been awarded E&P Magazine’s prestigious Special Meritorious Awards for Engineering Innovation (MEA) in two categories.

SealWelding Technology

SealWelding ™ Technology from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions won in the category of Marine Construction and Trelleborg’s offshore operation won for its deployment of Firestop™ in the Floating Systems and Rigs Category. The MEA awards will be presented at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, Texas.

David Brown, Global Lead Group Director, Oil & Gas, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, says: “As a global leader in engineered solutions that seal, damp and protect, we are honored to have our SealWelding technology recognized for its revolutionary approach – enabling seals to be welded in situ on an FPSO platform eliminates the need for the oil & gas vessel to disconnect and return to shore. Our customers can now realize enormous cost and time savings due to our engineered innovations.”

SealWelding is a technology that allows seals to be welded on an FPSO platform, eliminating the need for it to disconnect and return to shore. Manufactured from Trelleborg’s well-established seal materials, this technology reduces the downtime and associated costs that come from maintaining an FPSO swivel stack.

Hans Leo Hals, Managing Director for Trelleborg’s offshore operation based in Norway, says: “Since everyone involved in offshore oil & gas production knows that MEA entries are judged on their game-changing significance, both technically and economically, we couldn’t be more proud to have Firestop acknowledged for protecting floating systems and rigs. Providing fire safety for people, structures and equipment is something that we do and will continue to do through new innovations.

Our Firestop solutions ensure the integrity of structures are maintained in the event of a fire by providing time to evacuate people, close down critical equipment and for responders to gain control of the fire and evacuate an area.”Firestop™ is a rubber-based passive fire protection solution which can be customized to meet the demands of specific offshore oil and gas projects and installations. By using a layered construction, Firestop™ provides corrosion, thermal, fire and mechanical protection.

The MEA Awards
An independent team of experts, including engineers and engineering managers from operating and consulting companies worldwide, judged the competition. The winners come from a varied range of disciplines in oil & gas exploration and production, solving many of the issues that posed barriers to efficient operations. Technological advances of the winners open new and better avenues to the critical challenges the industry faces. The awards were presented on Trelleborg’s booth during the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas.

Trelleborg Slashes Downtime with Innovative SealWelding Technology

Trelleborg, a leading manufacturer and supplier of sealing solutions, has launched a new SealWelding technology which allows seals to be welded on an FPSO platform, eliminating the need for it to disconnect and return to shore.

SealWelding Technology

Manufactured from Trelleborg’s well-established seal material, this technology will massively reduce the downtime and associated costs that come from maintaining an FPSO swivel stack. Currently, swivel stack maintenance requires a vessel to travel back to shore so that components can be completely disassembled and seals replaced.

Meeting the challenge
Henk-Willem Sanders, Technical Manager responsible for SealWelding at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, says: “With seals playing a vital role when it comes to ensuring the continued efficient and safe operation of an FPSO swivel stack, the industry has been looking for a way to solve the issue of onshore maintenance by developing a practice which would allow operators to remove and replace the seal on the FPSO offshore. I am pleased to announce that with our new technology, we have more than met the challenge.”

By optimizing billet welding, Trelleborg’s new SealWelding technology is able to weld the original seal material in-situ. In a controlled manufacturing area, Trelleborg starts the process by producing a seal which has been cut in one place using a specially designed tool. The product is then packed so that it is well protected and avoids any damage in transit.

Safer, easier and improving the bottom line
Onboard the FPSO, the seal is unpacked and installed onto the swivel by highly trained personnel from Trelleborg’s service team; the engineer installs it in the weld head enclosure (part of the welding machine) which, certified to ATEX zone 1, is then pressurized so that the welding can take place. Fully enclosed, production on other swivel stacks can continue without risk.

A control cabinet, which is purged and also certified to ATEX zone 1, ensures the smooth running of the process, as well as monitoring and logging all data. After the process is finished, the seal is safely removed from the weld head enclosure before it’s polished and checked. If the values from the recorded data are satisfactory, the seal will be released for installation.

Sanders continues, “We are confident that our new fully tested and portable system is not only set to make life for the offshore operator safer and easier but also dramatically improve the bottom line for the oil company.”