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Take advantage of the latest e-learning modules and tools available from Trelleborg
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions prides itself on its experience and knowledge of sealing technology and applications in a wide variety of industries, from aerospace to healthcare and medical, oil and gas to automotive.

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Focusing on accelerating the performance of its customers, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions shares its expertise with engineers, designers and students through a variety of e-learning modules. Recently extended, the e-learning portfolio represents the most extensive learning package offered by any sealing supplier, online and completely free of charge.

Robert Zahiri, Director Global Marketing and Communications for Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, says: “Our e-learning modules range from the basics of sealing technology for everyone, through to more complex areas specifically for design engineers. Not forgetting of course students; the engineers of the future. In addition, they offer hands-on practical advice such as seal installation instructions.

“We’ve made the modules totally free-of-charge for anyone to access on our website. All that is required is a simple registration. Registering on our website has real benefits. Users can also gain access to premium offerings such as our tools, apps and the technical area that includes whitepapers, also all free-of-charge.”
Currently the e-learning lessons available on the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions website are on sealing materials, O-Rings, hydraulic seals, rotary seals and engineered molded parts, as well as instructions for installation of various seals.

Registration to the Members Area of the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions website also gives access to online tools such the O-Ring Calculator and Sealing Solutions Configurator, the Materials Search, Compatibility Check, mobile tools and apps including the renowned Unit Converter, and the Technical Library.

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Rubber Materials: Part 2 e-Learning Now Available

The second part of the Rubber Materials e-Learning extends the existing course with more important information on elastomers to aid engineers and students.

Rubber Materials

The complete rubber materials e-Learning educates users on types of elastomers and the critical properties that lead to their success in sealing applications. Guidance and information are given on the impact of temperature, chemical compatibility, and common seal failure with root causes. Finally, a variety of elastomeric seal types are introduced to help choose the correct seal for your application.

By the end of the module you should be able to:

  • Differentiate between common elastomer materials, including benefits and constraints enabling you to choose the correct material for your application.
  • Understand the most common mistakes when selecting sealing materials for use with system fluids.
  • Identify common seal failure modes, find the root cause and suggest appropriate solutions to remedy the problem.

As with the other Trelleborg Sealing Solutions e-Learning modules, a short quiz at the end will test your newly gained knowledge, with a printable certificate to celebrate your success.

All of our e-Learning modules are available free-of-charge from the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions website.

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