New Brochure on Automotive Sealing Available

The latest brochure from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions presents sealing solutions for the automotive industry, highlighting the latest developments that can make vehicles more efficient and production more cost-effective.

Automotive Sealing Solutions BrochureFeaturing the revolutionary RuboreĀ® rubber-to-metal composite technology and the unique pressure activated TurconĀ® Roto L, in addition to standard products and solutions, the brochure aims to show how Trelleborg Sealing Solutions engineers and research teams have worked to develop new innovative products and market-leading advances.

Also included is information on new surface coatings, liquid silicone rubber 2-shot manufacturing capabilities and specialized materials, like the new XLT FKM, which improves applications in extremely low temperatures or with biofuels.

Click here to download the brochure.