New Area & Volume Calculator Engineering Tool

A new web tool from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions makes it quick and easy to calculate the areas and volumes of predefined geometrical shapes.Area & Volume Calculator App

Adding to the growing range of innovative digital services from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, the Area & Volume Calculator allows users to either select a shape and sub-shape, or search through the built-in collection by entering the first few letters of the shape you are looking for.

When a shape has been selected, the formula used to calculate the area or volume is displayed and parameters can be entered in a range of metric and imperial units. With volumetric measurements, a material can then be chosen which gives estimates of the weight of the chosen shape.

The web tool is available in both English and German for website users by clicking here (compatible with Internet Explorer 9 and above, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome), and will soon be available for mobile devices.