Mobile tools and apps

Mobile Tools and Apps

CAD Models App

CAD models app Our CAD Models app allows users to view, rotate and zoom to examine Trelleborg Sealing Solutions products in 3-D, as well as send CAD files to any email address wherever you may be. Read more..

Sealing Materials Selector

sealing material selector app Sealing Materials Selector app allows you to easily search Trelleborg Sealing Solutions materials. Read more..

Mechanical Engineering Calculator

Mechanical Engineering App An excellent tool for mechanical engineers or students at university and college, the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Formula Calculator offers over 244 formulas in 16 categories. Read more..

Area & Volume Calculator

area and volume app Select a shape, input some measurements and see its area, perimeter, volume and weight. This is an easy to use, completely free, shape calculator. Read more..

Hydraulic Cylinder Calculator

hydraulic cylinder calculator app The Hydraulic Cylinder Design Calculator is an intuitive tool for people working with Hydraulic Cylinders. Based on the inputs the user can calculate parameters for both single-acting or double-acting cylinders. Read more..

Healthcare & Medical Material Compatibility app

material compatibility app The Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Material Compatibility App for Healthcare & Medical offers a quick and easy overview of which materials are compatible with different environments. Read more..

Tubing & Hose Selector

Tubing and hose app Specifically developed for the Healthcare & Medical, the Tubing and Hose Selector app simplifies choosing the correct tubing and hose based on input parameters such as material and pressure. Read more..

Installation Instructions

Installation Instructions app The app demonstrates the correct installation techniques for a range of seals. It features a combination of film, animation and supporting documentation. Read more..

Shim Selector

shims selector app The Trelleborg Shim Selector is designed to give Brake NVH test engineers quick and easy access to the extensive range of Shim materials used for elimination of specific brake noise problems. Read more..

O-Ring Selector

o-ring selector app The Trelleborg Sealing Solutions O-Ring App selects O-Ring dimensions by simply entering installation specifications for your application in metric or inch. Read more..

Unit and Hardness Converter

Unit Converter App “Unit and Hardness Converter” is intuitive and very easy to use. By simply selecting the dimension and entering the value for conversion, the app offers a wide range of engineering and scientific units for each dimension. Read more..

ISO Fits & Tolerances App

ISO Fits “ISO Fits & Tolerances” is intuitive and very easy to use and this updated version gives even greater flexibility of use. Read more..

Aerospace Groove Selector

aerospace groove selector app This app covers two of the most important SAE aerospace groove standards for hydraulic systems, AS4716 Rev B and AS5857 Rev A. Read more..

In the groove

in the groove app Trelleborg Sealing Solutions issues its latest in the groove magazine that provides news, technical and product information on seals as well as insights into the markets. Read more..

Technical Glossary

Technical glossary app This app from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions provides definitions of more than 2,000 terms from the world of sealing technology and engineering. Read more..