Launching improved Isolast® J9440 sealing material

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions launches an improved version of Isolast® J9440. With outstanding value for a perfluoroelastomer sealing material, Isolast® J9440 now has a higher operating temperature up to +240°C/ +464°F and is accredited to the USP Class 6 standard for use in pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare industries.

Balance between performance and cost

“Developed for high volume applications in industrial, chemical, pharmaceutical and process industries, Isolast® J9440 gives unbeatable value to our customers,” says Muzaffer Sheikh, Isolast® Product Manager. “It is engineered to provide a balance between performance and cost. Over the past 18 months we have seen this material adopted by a number of leading manufacturers, winning significant approvals from them. Now with this improved formulation, we expect to see more.”

Isolast® J9440 has a continuous operating temperature range from -7°C/ +19°F to + 240°C/ +464°F and is compatible with virtually all media. The compound is available in all O-Ring sizes, as gaskets, molded parts or rubber-to-metal bonded components. It is suitable for the lacquer, paint and coating industry, chemical processing systems, cleaning agent dispensers, pumps, valves, power generation equipment, refineries and semiconductor applications. In particular, its USP Class 6 accreditation means the material can be used in pharmaceutical and medical applications.

Isolast® range of proprietary perfluoroelastomers

The improved material is part of the Isolast® range of proprietary perfluoroelastomers from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions. In addition to this material the range includes a number of compounds specifically engineered for the requirements of the chemical processing, semiconductor fabrication and oil & gas industries.