Isolast for extreme conditions in oil and gas field

Isolast® J9510 and J9512, two compounds from the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions proprietary line of perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) materials, have been custom designed to operate in the harsh environment of oil and gas processing. 

Offer real benefits to customers in the oil and gas field

Formulated for chemical compatibility, Isolast® J9510 performs exceptionally well in high-pressure environments. It’s also recommended for explosive decompression resistance (EDR). For applications in aggressive chemicals, Isolast® J9512 exhibits excellent resistance to high-temperature steam and concentrated acids.

“Both J9510 and J9512 offer real benefits to our customers in the oil and gas field,” says Eric Bucci, Oil & Gas Segment Manager for Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Americas. “Our goal in engineering and developing new materials is two-fold: seal reliability for safety and extended service life. With these two compounds, you can be assured of both.”

Ideally suited to tough conditions

Isolast® J9510 is compatible with virtually all chemicals and is thermally stable from +14°F/-10°C to +482°F/+250°C. It has independent approval from the Shell test protocol for EDR. Isolast® J9512 is resistant to concentrated acids at elevated temperatures, with a range from +23°F/-5°C to +500°F/+260°C. Both materials are available in standard and non-standard O-Rings, custom-molded designs and bonded products.

“In oil and gas applications, traditional sealing solutions are limited due to extreme environments,” says Bucci. “Seals are not only in contact with aggressive media such as crude oil, natural gas, sour gases, carbon dioxide, acids, steam, seawater, hydrogen sulfide and anticorrosion chemicals, but are also subject to damage caused through explosive decompression.”