HiMod® Slydring® HC (Inch Version) available in the Americas

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has enhanced its range of HiMod® Slydring® wear rings with the introduction of HiMod Slydring HC. Adding over 180 additional part numbers, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is a one-stop shop for hydraulic cylinder manufacturers, delivering quality products and reliable performance.

HiMod® Slydring® HC (Inch Version)

The new HiMod Slydring HC wear rings are suitable for various fluid power applications including off-highway, material handling, industrial machines, mobile hydraulics, agricultural equipment, and other industries.

For use in a variety of operational conditions, HiMod® Slydring® HC have high compressive strength and wear resistance even at elevated temperatures, providing low friction performance in lubricated conditions. The wear rings are easy to install due to their simple closed-grooved design and eliminate local stress concentrations, fretting, and seizure, while damping mechanical vibrations and protecting against dieseling and hydrodynamic pressure problems.

For further details, please download the HiMod® Slydring® HC (Inch Version) data sheet.