Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical Sealing Systems Catalog Updated

The new catalog update features additional product lines, new approvals and certification information, as well as a new visual layout.

Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical Sealing Systems

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has been involved with designing, manufacturing and supplying high performance seals and bearings to the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries for over 50 years. From seals that withstand intensive cleaning and sterilization in place regimes, to those that meet stringent standards and regulations, we provide solutions with proven performance.

Combining the catalog with local support from over forty marketing companies globally, industry leading digital tools and services, and dedicated engineering and design facilities, we provide the tools to help customers get ahead of the competition.

Products in the catalog include static, linear and rotary seals, as well as specialized scrapers, bearings and tubing solutions. With additional information on CIP and SIP processes, seal installation, hardware design and the standards and regulation compliant compounds in the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions material range, this catalog is the perfect companion for the engineer specifying seals for food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications.

Updates include:

  • More materials approved to regional and worldwide standards
  • FEP/PFA encapsulated O-Rings section updated with new technical parameters, and approvals from 3-A and EU No. 10/2011
  • Two new HiMod® Flatseal products: HiMod® Flatseal 17 and 20, with additional technical details and approvals added
  • Improved visual format to aid reading and use

To download the catalog, click here .