Aerospace Hub Receives Prestigious Supplier Gold Award from UTC

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions announces that its Colmar Aerospace Hub East has been recognized by United Technologies Corporation (UTC) for superior performance by achieving UTC Supplier Gold status.

Aerospace Hub

UTC’s Supplier Gold program recognizes superior performance by suppliers that are able to meet such performance objectives as:

  • Zero Escapes (Quality Rejections) for the last 12 months
  • 100% on-time deliveries for the last 12 months
  • A score of six or greater for customer satisfaction (out of seven)
  • A score of 80% or greater on the Supplier Health Assessment in all categories, plus zero gold question gaps

Jeff Phillips, General Manager of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Colmar Aerospace Hub East, says: “We are honored to receive this prestigious recognition from UTC, which demonstrates our continued commitment to our customers’ needs. The process to achieving Supplier Gold status was challenging but well worth the effort.”

Trelleborg Acquires Manufacturer of Precision Seals for the Aerospace Industry

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has signed an agreement to acquire a U.S.-based subsidiary of CoorsTek, Inc. that specializes in the manufacturing of precision seals for the aerospace industry.

Precesion Seals









The acquisition will further strengthen Trelleborg’s presence in North America and in sealing solutions for major aircraft programs. Completion of the transaction is subject to the approval of the relevant authorities.

The operation is located in El Segundo, California. Sales amounted to approximately SEK 115 M in 2015. This bolt-on acquisition is part of Trelleborg’s strategy to strengthen its positions in attractive market segments.

“The acquired operation is well-known in the industry for its technical solutions, good quality and on time delivery and I am delighted to welcome it to Trelleborg. The aerospace market is an important growth market and the acquired operation’s product range of various PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) seals and other custom-made plastic components fits very well into our product portfolio and future strategy,” says Claus Barsøe, President of the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions business area.

The transaction is expected to be finalized in the fourth quarter of 2016.

Trelleborg Acquires Anderson Seal

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has signed an agreement and finalized the acquisition of Anderson Seal LLC, a privately owned US-based seal distributor and value-added service partner.

Trelleborg Anderson Seal

Linda Muroski, President of Marketing Americas, says: “Anderson Seal’s dynamic company culture and vision complements that of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, as well as supports its Total Value of Ownership (TVO) approach and advanced delivery program. The company’s expertise in complex assembly and best practices in kitting will continue to deliver the kind of value our customers have come to expect.”

This acquisition supports the growth strategy of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions and further expands the delivery and service of seals, gaskets and custom-molded products for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in industries such as automotive, hydraulic, and medical/life sciences. The acquisition will significantly increase the presence for Trelleborg in the Midwestern United States and accelerate its advanced delivery services.

The acquired company has an office and warehouse in New Berlin, Wisconsin. With sales amounting to approximately $17 M in 2015. This bolt-on acquisition is part of Trelleborg’s strategy to strengthen its positions in attractive market segments.

Jennifer Hansen, President of Anderson Seal, says: “We are thrilled to be able to continue to provide exceptional services to our customers in the same manner as we have been doing over the last decade but now with the advantage and backing of a global leader.”

New Sealing Materials Selector App Now Available

A new app for engineers simplifies choosing the correct materials for your sealing application.

Material Selector App

By selecting material specifications, such as material group, temperature and hardness, the app will propose the right material to suit your application conditions.

It also provides a filter to narrow your search by institute approvals or by product type and a feature to request material data sheets directly from the app’s interface.

This app is currently available for download for iPhone and Android. To download the app, search for ‘Trelleborg Sealing Materials’ in the app store.

To find out more about the app, click here

This app joins the ever-growing range of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Digital Tools and Services. To view the full range, click here

New In the Groove Magazine Available

The latest edition of in the groove, the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions magazine aimed at engineers, is now available. The online version is fully interactive and printed copies can be ordered from your local Trelleborg Sealing Solutions marketing company.

In the Groove Magazine











This issue includes:

  • Getting the Sealing System Team Right – Effective hydraulics require all elements to work together.
  • In a Spider’s Web – Ulrich Frenzel outlines the next steps in R&D.
  • Quick and Easy – QuickSeal brings fast track logistics to customers.
  • Experience our Capabilities – See where in the world you can meet Trelleborg’s experts.
  • Beneath the Earth – Explore Trelleborg’s solutions for the mining industry.
  • Industrie 4.0: The future of industrial production – A new mindset to understand customer needs.
  • How Global is Your Local Seal Supplier – Meet Tom Zhu, Strategic Purchaser at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions in Shanghai, China.
  • Industry Focus: Off-Highway – How the off-highway industry has evolved since its early beginnings.
  • A lesson in fast performance – Supporting Schoolhill Hydraulic Engineering in the development of safety critical QEVs.
  • V-Stack for Victory – The V-Stack is an advance on the commonly used chevron seal that gives performance and reliability advantages.
  • e-Tools Update – Find out about our latest digital services and tools that will help make your working life easier.
  • It’s a car, Jim, but not as we know it – Intelligent cars are a reality, requiring Trelleborg to ‘boldly go’.
  • Safe to Drink – An extended range of NSF/ANSI 61 compounds offers increased confidence for drinking water applications.
  • Gentle Patches – Facts and figures on the emerging transdermal drug delivery market.

Click here to download the latest issue ! The magazine is also available via the interactive in the groove app for iPad, which can be found by searching for “Trelleborg” in the app store.

Trelleborg Showcases Innovative Technologies at ONS 2016

Trelleborg’s advanced technologies designed to bridge the gap between cost and performance will be showcased at a leading industry exhibition in Norway.

ONS 2016

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions will showcase its XploR™ V9T82 fluoroelastomer (FKM) and SealWeldingTM technology while Trelleborg’s offshore operation will give visitors a first-hand look at their Tri-Strakes, thermal insulation materials and passive fire protection solutions at ONS 2016, which takes place across four days from August 29.

Trelleborg aims to highlight some of the ways in which attendees can lower project costs through collaboration and innovation, optimize productivity and retain competitiveness as barrel prices recover.

XploR™ V9T82 reduces costs
David Brown, Global Director Lead Group – Oil and Gas at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, says: “We are extremely excited and proud to be showcasing XploR™ V9T82, which has been engineered to maintain excellent sealing function capability at very low temperatures while subjected to high pressure conditions.

“Now that the product has been approved to ISO 23936 standard, we are confident that oil operators contending with extreme conditions will be able reduce operator costs without the need to use higher cost solutions and pre-heated equipment.”

The XploR™ V9T82 operates from -48°C to +200°C / -54°F to +392°F with short excursions to 210°C / +410°F.

The low Tg values allow the materials to remain elastic under pressure at much lower temperatures than standard grades.

SealWelding™ reduces downtime
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions SealWelding™ technology allows seals to be welded in-situ on Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) platforms, eliminating the need for the vessel to disconnect and return to shore.

The technology massively reduces the downtime and associated costs that come from maintaining an FPSO swivel stack.

Tri-Strakes™ protects flowlines
Attendees will also get the opportunity to explore Tri-Strakes™, an innovative new Vortex Induced Vibration (VIV) suppression system which protects flowlines by suppressing the effects of vibrations on pipes, avoiding damage and downtime, from Trelleborg’s offshore operation.

In addition, visitors will get a first-hand look at innovative topside fire protection solutions including FireNut™, Vikodeck and Elastopipe™ and will have the opportunity to meet with subsea experts to discuss the importance of choosing the correct thermal insulation option for a project, using materials ranging from rubber to silicone.

ONS 2016 RigJohn Drury, Managing Director within Trelleborg’s offshore operation based in the UK, says: “Tri-Strakes™ are going to revolutionize the industry as we know it because we have found a unique way to suppress the effects of vibration on pipes, which, longer term, will prevent damage and downtime.

“By using our vast offshore and VIV knowledge, we were able to develop and design the Tri-Strake™ in response to the market demand for a high quality, cost-effective VIV suppression solution. The design enables the system to be stacked during shipping, ensuring more efficient and cost effective transportation as well as quick installation.”

Fire safety and deluge systems
Business Group Director within Trelleborg’s offshore operation, Morten Kristensen, commented: “In offshore environments, fire safety is of the utmost importance, as the occurrence of fire can cause colossal amounts of damage and danger. On the stand my colleagues and I will discuss why rubber-based and non-metallic flexible deluge systems are the best solution for passive fire protection.

“All our solutions are designed to meet the most stringent offshore requirements, offering the highest level of resistance against heat, abrasion and environmental impact. We control our entire manufacturing process from end-to-end, providing our customers with transparency and peace of mind.”

ONS 2016
ONS has established itself over 40 years as one of the world’s major meeting places for organizations within the oil and energy industry. The conference facilitates knowledge sharing and collaboration on major international issues with decision makers across the global energy industry.

Trelleborg Promotes Service PLUS Program in New “Simplify” Campaign

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions offers enhanced solutions for the entire value chain through the new Service PLUS program. From component assembly services to simplified stock replenishment and individual packaging solutions, Trelleborg´s wide array of services are designed to assist every step of your business process.

Service PLUSService PLUS bundles a variety of services & products aimed at simplifying the different stages of your value chain: Engineering, Logistics, Manufacturing and Aftermarket. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions offers an ever expanding range of digital tools to aid in data calculation and facilitate access to engineering information. Quickseal, for instance, covers your short-notice need for seals; depending on the material, we are able to manufacture seals in one day. In addition, benefit from a much simpler and faster inventory and manufacturing process with our SealScan app and Assembly services. Service PLUS can also help you simplify your aftermarket business with customized seal kits and packaging.

To learn how the Service PLUS portfolio is able to reduce process costs and throughput time for your business, visit the campaign´s microsite ( , where you will find comprehensive information and a selection of supporting material.

Trelleborg’s Seal Materials Tested for Optimum Performance

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has carried out a series of tests to show the importance of fluid type and seal material choice in “ensuring optimum seal performance and service life”.

Seal Material Testing

The world leader in engineered polymer solutions, which has been making highly developed seals for over 30 years, worked with fluid producer MacDermid to test the effect of water glycol fluids (HFC) on common seal materials.

Together the engineers for both companies tested seven seal materials which were immersed in water glycol fluids at a range of elevated temperatures up to +200°C / +392°F.

ONS Conference white paper on results
The results have been published in a white paper on the subject which will be available to collect from Trelleborg’s stand in Hall 9 at the ONS Conference in Norway from August 29 to September 01.

Each seal and fluid combination was tested for hardness change, tensile strength change, strain change and volume change. All physical changes were documented using before and after photos.

Importance of fluid and material choices
David Brown, Global Lead Group Director, Oil & Gas, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, says: “The testing reveals the importance of fluid type and seal material choice in ensuring optimum seal performance and service life. Traditional sealing materials, such as FKM, often inert in most fluids, are exhibiting disadvantageous behaviour in HFC fluids.

“Offshore operators are free to add extra additives to suit their particular application, but these could lead to seal material incompatibilities and cause dramatic adverse effects on sealing materials.

“We recommend each application must be reviewed uniquely to optimize the seal materials with the HFC fluid to ensure seal performance and life.”

Developed in-house
The series of tests were developed by Trelleborg Sealing Solutions in 2015.

Seal Materials Testing Laboratory

The company decided to investigate the effects of high-temperature exposure of sealing materials within water-based hydraulic fluids because until now, the two materials have never been thoroughly tested together at high temperatures before.

Water-based hydraulic fluids are widely used in oil and gas, mining, hot-rolling mills, and similar applications where the potential for fire could cause catastrophic consequences.

They are also replacing traditional oil-based HLP fluids in applications where environmental regulations must be observed.

As a result, they have become more prevalent in many applications within offshore energy production as a means of protecting people, the environment and resources.

HFC fluids
The International Standards Organization (ISO) classifies fire-resistant, water-based hydraulic fluids into four categories which include HFAE, HFAS, HFB and HFC.

HFC fluids are the most common hydrous, fire-resistant hydraulic fluids because they have the best fire resistance and hydraulic properties. They are also used wherever hydraulic fluid escaping under high pressure can ignite on contact with hot materials.

The fire resistant and environmentally friendly qualities of HFC fluids make them ideal for use in offshore installations.

The fire-resistant properties mean greater fire safety, offering more time to initiate fire-fighting measures and bring people to safety in the event of an accident.

Trelleborg and Jetseal Inc. Sign Distribution Agreement for Aerospace Metallic Seals

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions and Jetseal Inc. are proud to announce the signing of an exclusive distribution agreement for advanced specialty metallic aerospace seals covering the whole of the European aerospace market.

Aerospace Metallic Seals









The recently signed distribution agreement combines the wide aerospace market presence of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions with the highly engineered metallic seals expertise of HEICO’s Jetseal, Inc.

Michel Prouff, Director Global Marketing Aerospace for Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, says: “Trelleborg Sealing Solutions continues to rapidly expanding into the European aerospace engine market and this new distribution agreement with Jetseal Inc. offers significant market opportunities for both companies.”

In addition to its wide range of aerospace seals, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is now offering a full line of metallic seals, ranging from industry standard AS1895 e-seals to complex multi-convolution seals for sealing high pressure and temperature engine applications. Additionally, the new partnership will allow Trelleborg Sealing Solutions to offer seals for use in the hot section of the turbine engine up to +750 °C.

Trelleborg Unveils Unique Primary Flight Control Seal Test Bench at FIA2016

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions announces its new Primary Flight Control Seal Test Bench at FIA 2016 (Farnborough International Airshow) held in Hampshire, UK, from July 11-17.

Flight Control Sealing Arrangement

Located in the HA Traub Technical Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana in the U.S., this test equipment can uniquely offer a rapid multi-million cycle testing capability, considerably shortening the proving time of flight control applications.

The Flight Control Seal Test Bench will globally support designers in the evaluation of piston and rod seal designs or entire packages before hardware is available. It can test conditions that are either difficult or expensive to replicate in the real world, improving the quality of the system early in the design stage, reducing the number of errors found later and building customer confidence in seal performance.

Innovation leader in aerospace

Primary Flight Control Seal TestGregory Jones, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions General Manager, Aerospace Hub Americas (AHA), says: “Trelleborg Sealing Solutions continues to be the innovation leader in sealing solutions for aerospace. The Primary Flight Control Seal Test Bench is the only system available in the world that tests either rod or piston hydraulic seals under extreme environmental and motion conditions combined with a multi-million cycle capability.”

The Primary Flight Control Seal Test Bench can simulate a large combination of extreme operating conditions. The test equipment is rated for static or cyclic pressures up to 5,000 psi/ 345 bar. It is fully capable of dynamic operation across the entire phosphate ester fluid operating temperature range of -80 °F to +325 °F/ -62 °C to +163 °C, testing a seal’s endurance against all thermal conditions. It creates a controlled environment where seals can be continuously stressed and monitored as necessitated by the customer and corresponding to their specific application challenges.

Primary Flight Control Test Bench
A distinguishing capability of the test equipment is achieving pressure rise rates of up to 360,000 psi/second/ 24,800 bar/second enabling accelerated high frequency cycling up to 5 Hz, even under maximum pressure or temperature conditions. This accelerated cycle speed allows for multi-million cycle fatigue testing to occur in just weeks rather than months. Since conditions change over a seal’s life, the Primary Flight Control Test Bench uses nested loop automation to change and repeat stroke lengths, speeds, pressures, frequencies, and cycle counts within seconds to simulate an entire range of flight or quality conditions, all without operator input or delay.

As the leader in Elastomer, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) based and airframe seals, Trelleborg products are used in virtually every major aircraft program. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions continues to enhance seal designs and is able to test and validate its newest innovations for a wide variety of systems, including primary and secondary flight control sealing systems, actuation, landing gear, wheels, brakes, fuel controls, engines and airframe. Advanced sealing polymers and seal profiles for flight control sealing applications can undergo vigorous tests using the Flight Control Seal Test Bench to surpass higher pressure, wear and friction challenges and to achieve increased flight hours, speeds and safety.

During FIA 2016, attendees are invited to visit Trelleborg Sealing Solutions at stand A60 in Hall 4 to discuss application solutions and projects with our seal technology experts.