Area and Volume Calculator App Released for Mobile

The Area and Volume Calculator, which makes it quick and easy to calculate the area and volume of predefined geometrical shapes, is now available for Android and iPhone.

Area Volume Calculator AppThe area and volume calculator allows users to select a shape and sub-shape, or search through the built-in collection by entering the first few letters of the shape you are looking for. When selected, the formula used to calculate the area or volume is displayed and parameters can be entered in a range of metric and imperial units. With volumetric measurements, a material can then be chosen which gives estimates of the weight of the chosen shape.


  • 80+ geometric shapes available
  • Swipe through categories and shapes to select or type to search directly
  • Have the radius, but not the diameter? No problem! The Area Volume Calculator has various calculation methods to quickly calculate other parameters
  • Choose from metals, wood, liquids and more. Fill your shape with almonds, aluminum or any one of 1500 materials to calculate the weight
  • Information on the definition of the shape and the formula used for calculation is provided
  • Calculate the volume directly, or start with the area of a 2D shape and then select an associated 3D shape to get the volume
  • Calculations can be carried out in a range of metric, inch (UK) and inch (US) units, from millimeters to miles
  • Shapes are illustrated and labelled, making the app easy to use and understand

The app is available free-of-charge, in English and German, either from the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions website as an online tool or from Apple iTunes and Google Play by searching for ‘Trelleborg Area Volume’.

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