Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Announces Fire Test Facility for Aerospace Seals

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is pleased to announce its new airframe/engine seal fire test facility located at its manufacturing facility in Northborough, Massachusetts in the U.S. This state-of-the-art fire test facility addresses aerospace manufacturers’ growing need to meet varying fire test requirements to comply with industry and customer standards for vibration and air flow.

TSS Fire Test Facility for Aerospace Seals

Trelleborg is among only a few seal manufacturers that deliver comprehensive in-house qualification testing, now including fireproof and fire resistance testing.

The investment made to commission the extensive capabilities of this testing facility will enable specific tests to be conducted for customers with a variety of qualification requirements. This facility allows Trelleborg to conduct customer specific tests to meet a variety of qualification requirements, such as ISO/TR 2685, which calls for vibration and flame exposure of 1100 degrees Celsius / 2000 degrees Fahrenheit for fifteen minutes without allowing flame penetration or other defined failure modes.

Quinn Collett, Airframe Americas General Manager, says: “As a global leader in sealing solutions, Trelleborg is thrilled to be able to offer customers a fire test facility that will considerably speed the development of products without the delays involved in submitting to a third-party facility for validation. This approach strengthens Trelleborg’s focus on its R&D initiatives and technical improvement capabilities.

“The Fire Test Facility fits well with the existing Global Marketing Aerospace test capabilities, which comprise a multitude of test rigs specific to aerospace seal applications. Trelleborg can assist customers in developing the ideal qualification test plans and procedures with customers picking which tests they need to have as proof of the capabilities of their products. Such a modular and forward thinking approach helps speed up response & development time while keeping costs down. Typical applications can include aircraft interiors, engine fire seals and ancillary components such as oil pumps and hydraulic systems.”

New Mechanical Engineering Calculator App Now Available

A new app for engineers and students offers over 244 formulas to simplify and speed up calculations.

Mechanical Engineering Calculator App

Designed for mechanical engineers and students, the new Mechanical Engineering Calculator App offers a vast array of formulas, conveniently arranged into 16 categories, with more planned in upcoming updates.

Categories include algebra, fluid power, the laws of motion, thermodynamics and trigonometry, offering a suite of formulas from the fields of mathematics, physics and mechanical engineering.

To perform calculations, users must simply choose a formula and enter the required variables. The app will then calculate the result and display it.

For faster and more convenient calculations, the Mechanical Engineering Calculator can be customized, with categories being added and removed.

This app is currently available for download for iPhone and iPad, and is planned for release on Android and as a web-tool. To download the app, search for ‘Trelleborg Engineering Calculator’ in the app store.

To find out more about the app, click here.

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