Measure the pressure

Massive drops through clouds of desert dust dictate the equipment standards. For high-performance bicycle shock absorbers there is just no room for failing seals.

Advanced Bicycle Technology

Extreme cyclists ride their bikes off vertical rock faces, do cartwheels while flying through the air and perform tricks while careering down craggy rocks. The bikes’ shock absorbers protect the riders as they take unimaginable risks on the most difficult of terrains, allowing them to land safely. Within the shock absorbers, the sealing system is the most critical component. Seal failure is not an option.

Trelleborg supplies sealing systems to HB Performance, a leading manufacturer of front forks and shock absorbers for high-performance cycles under the Manitou brand.

Precision engineering
“A precision application such as this requires precision seals,” says Kevin Lai, General Manager of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions in Taiwan. “It’s not just one seal but a complex combination of sealing profiles and materials that ensures that the required friction and damping is achieved along with leak tightness.”

Trelleborg is one of the few sealing companies in Taiwan to offer the advanced Finite Element Analysis (FEA) necessary to calculate the different pressures within the shock absorber application.

Reducing time-to-market
“Taiwanese companies are very innovative and want their products to go rapidly to market,” says Lai. “FEA is a key tool in facilitating this, as it helps to significantly reduce development time. There is really no other way to easily measure the pressures created in a component such as a shock absorber.”

“By changing seal profiles and compounds, we balance the system to meet the customer’s requirements and optimize component performance,” Lai explains.

Kendrew Sua, General Manager of HB Performance Asia, comments: “HB Performance evaluated many sealing suppliers and found that Trelleborg Sealing Solutions was the right sealing supplier to work with.

Long-term partnership
“Trelleborg is superior in logistics, quality and products,” he continues. “It does an excellent engineering job, like its FEA service. HB Performance is looking forward to a long term partnership.”

Trelleborg’s work with HB Performance is now continuous.

“The cycle market has become a bit like the motor industry,” say Lai. “The top cycle manufacturers now bring out new models each year, trying to better the performance of previous models every time. That means we’re constantly working with the engineering department of HB Performance to fine-tune the sealing system of its front forks.”

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Trelleborg shows off its ‘Italian Job’

A new film demonstrates the facilities and capabilities of the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions manufacturing facility in Livorno, Italy, taking you on a tour of one of Trelleborg’s global manufacturing sites for seals.

Livorno Film

The film demonstrates the Livorno’s capabilities and departments, from synthesis – where eight different Zurcon® grades are produced – to the fully equipped laboratory that develops and tests new Zurcon® materials.

Also featured are various automated inspection machines, which ensure the highest quality products, and the rapid prototyping service offered through Zurcon® Xpress.

The second part of the movie focuses on Manufacturing Excellence, showing the nine production cells based on lean manufacturing concepts, 5S organization and zero waste. Machinery and Energy Excellence is a strategic part of Trelleborg Group’s manufacturing processes.

To watch the film, click here.

New Brochure Demonstrates Solutions for Water and Sanitary Applications

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions showcases its solutions for the water and sanitary market, including custom and standard products for fixtures, filtration, pumps and valves.

Water and Sanitary Applications

The brochure gives an overview of commonly used materials, application examples and spotlights the design and development capabilities that are on offer.

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions possesses one of the broadest material portfolios on the market, carrying a wide variety of regional and country-specific certificates and approvals. Combined with dedicated research, development and design resources, providing components that meet the needs of potable and sanitary manufacturers’ needs.

Following expansion and investment, research and development experts are capable of undertaking product and material testing in state-of-the-art laboratories, analyzing media from customers and performing intensive chlorine and chloramine testing regimes.

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Area and Volume Calculator App Released for Mobile

The Area and Volume Calculator, which makes it quick and easy to calculate the area and volume of predefined geometrical shapes, is now available for Android and iPhone.

Area Volume Calculator AppThe area and volume calculator allows users to select a shape and sub-shape, or search through the built-in collection by entering the first few letters of the shape you are looking for. When selected, the formula used to calculate the area or volume is displayed and parameters can be entered in a range of metric and imperial units. With volumetric measurements, a material can then be chosen which gives estimates of the weight of the chosen shape.


  • 80+ geometric shapes available
  • Swipe through categories and shapes to select or type to search directly
  • Have the radius, but not the diameter? No problem! The Area Volume Calculator has various calculation methods to quickly calculate other parameters
  • Choose from metals, wood, liquids and more. Fill your shape with almonds, aluminum or any one of 1500 materials to calculate the weight
  • Information on the definition of the shape and the formula used for calculation is provided
  • Calculate the volume directly, or start with the area of a 2D shape and then select an associated 3D shape to get the volume
  • Calculations can be carried out in a range of metric, inch (UK) and inch (US) units, from millimeters to miles
  • Shapes are illustrated and labelled, making the app easy to use and understand

The app is available free-of-charge, in English and German, either from the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions website as an online tool or from Apple iTunes and Google Play by searching for ‘Trelleborg Area Volume’.

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Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Appoints President of Marketing Americas

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, the leading global developer, manufacturer and supplier of precision seals and bearings, appoints Linda Muroski, President of Marketing Americas, headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Linda Muroski

Muroski joins Trelleborg Sealing Solutions from BASF where she held several leadership roles starting in 2000 and most recently served as the Director of Water Solutions, North America. With extensive sales and management experience, Muroski has successfully led turn-around sales strategies including portfolio rationalization, operating cost control and reorganization plans. Muroski holds an MBA from Penn State University and participated on the MBA advisory board where she was appointed Vice-Chair.
Claus Barsøe, President Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, says: “This appointment supports Trelleborg’s global goal to maintain and accelerate its historical growth rates. Linda brings a high level of energy, industry experience and passion to this position, which is a powerful combination. Her extensive background and proven success in the Americas market will serve us, our partners and customers well going forward.”

Trelleborg Identifies Sealing Materials to Extend Seal Life in High Fire Risk Oil & Gas Hydraulic Applications

Due to the different chemical makeup of HFC and HLP fluids, sealing materials proven and traditionally used with HLP fluids, though effective in HFC applications, do not necessarily provide effective performance or length of life in HFC media. In tests, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has identified sealing materials that offer extended life in HFC applications.

HFC fluids, or water glycols, are the most commonly used fire-resistant hydraulic fluids and with their higher ignition temperature they are increasingly being used instead of HLP media or even being made mandatory in hydraulic oil & gas applications with a high fire risk. A research program by Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has resulted in identification of alternative sealing materials that give better performance and extended life in HFC fluids.

Avoiding downtime
Eric Bucci, Oil & Gas Segment Manager Americas, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, says: “Oil & gas hydraulic applications often involve demanding dynamic movements, for instance in the case of offshore motion compensation cylinders, and due to long strokes, sealing systems can be subjected to significant wear.

Compared to oil-based HLP media the water base of HFC fluids typically increases seal wear. As oil & gas applications increasingly use HFC fluids and length of life needs to be extended to avoid costly downtime, it is imperative that we provide operators with information on the optimum sealing material for HFC fluids.”

Oil and Gas Hydraulic Applications

Testing with HFC fluids
Trelleborg undertook a series of tests on a number of sealing materials to investigate their effect on sealing systems in HFC fluids with regard to friction, wear resistance and leakage.

The materials tested included the traditional choice in hydraulic applications, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) based materials with various fillers, alongside the alternatives of proprietary polyethylene Zurcon® Z80 and thermoplastic polyurethane Zurcon® Z13.

The two materials that demonstrated the least weight loss, and therefore wear, were Zurcon® Z80 and Zurcon® Z13. With these materials there was also no apparent leakage. In addition, visual inspection showed the best results were achieved with Zurcon® Z13.

While Zurcon® Z80 showed slight extrusion after one million load cycles, no abnormality is seen in Zurcon® Z13 with the same seal geometry. The filled PTFE based materials were significantly worn after 200,000 cycles.

Alternative sealing materials
Dr. Mandy Wilke, Technology Specialist Fluid Power Europe, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, who was responsible for conducting the tests, says: “During the tests, strong influences were observed in the behavior of the seals in relation to friction and wear. Due to the significant fluctuation of the mixing ratios (water/glycol) in HFC fluids and in operation, reliable behavior of sealing systems can only be predicted to a limited extent.

“To ensure seal life and performance in hydraulic applications, it is important to know the type of hydraulic fluids in service and using test results and experience, match the correct sealing material to the hydraulic fluid. Despite the successful use of PTFE based materials with HLP fluids, alternative sealing materials, such as Zurcon® Z80 and in particular Zurcon® Z13 could offer better wear resistance and extended life in HFC fluids.”