CSL 1500: Running Cooler and Longer

Originally designed for agricultural and construction equipment, the CSL 1500 has been vigorously tested in the laboratory and field to prove reliability. The seal has completed 3,000 hours of slurry and hot oil testing as well as over a year of grueling field service without leakage.

CSL 1500

Now being utilized in other application areas, the CSL 1500 applies innovative seal design to give greatly improved performance.

A stacked design gives more room to add components and permits a larger volume of grease, which serves as a barrier to contamination, while a new oil seal lip provides the superior sealing capabilities expected from a Trelleborg Sealing Solutions product. In addition, a new bonding method leaves a fine finish on the riding surfaces eliminating the need for grinding operations, and a metal case, requiring no crimping to keep it together, reduces manufacturing costs.

The CSL 1500 is designed as a modular system for customized design requests. If a high speed cassette seal for highway or railway applications is needed or improved dust protection over an oil seal is required, this system gives increased flexibility for the customer. The modular system means that we are not fixed to manufacturing in standard sizes or large quantities, opening the door to modifications which improve performance for specific applications and requirements.

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Demonstrates Advanced Delivery Program and Shoulder-to-Shoulder Engineering at OTC 2015

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions highlighted its advanced delivery program and shoulder-to-shoulder engineering capabilities at OTC, focusing on how it is helping oil and gas equipment and system manufacturers accelerate business performance and achieve a Total Value of Ownership (TVO).Trelleborg Advanced Delivery

One example of this in practice is with Cameron International Corporation, which often delivers comprehensive solutions for wide ranging environments from arctic to desert, mountain to ocean, including subsea technologies. It is utilizing Trelleborg Sealing Solutions to help reduce lead times, increase time to market and optimize assembly processes, while meeting corporate requirements and compliance.

“As a leading worldwide provider of flow equipment products, systems and services to oil, gas, and process industries, we carefully select our suppliers to ensure we are receiving superior quality solutions for our products. Trelleborg has proved to be a partner we can count on, supporting us through their shoulder-to-shoulder engineering and advanced delivery/stocking program to meet our needs,” says Kyle Krenek, Supply Chain Specialist II at Cameron International.

“It has been an honor to work with Cameron International so closely over the years and to have been afforded the opportunity to innately understand and respond to the challenges they face as they continue to push the boundaries of innovation,” says Eric Bucci, Segment Manager for Oil & Gas Americas, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions.

Trelleborg Develops Visionary Approach To Product Development

The sealing and bearing expert, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, keeps up with the latest trends and developments in sealing technology and has developed a vision for the future of collaboration. The initial question was the following: how does an interdisciplinary, global and decentralized team succeed in bundling ideas and expert knowledge in order to be able to come up with innovations?

nary Approach to Product Development

Trelleborg provided the answer to this question by taking a closer look at the future of collaboration. The development of seals and bearings poses huge challenges for designers working on customized solutions and requires extremely accurate tools that make international development possible and allows design teams to collaborate across borders.

Collaborative design
To illustrate this, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions presented a collaboration platform at Hannover Messe that enables developers to exchange drawings and work on them together. The center piece of this visionary solution is the all-in-one PC HP Sprout that projects a second screen onto a touch-sensitive drawing mat, in addition to the actual display, with the help of a projector. The user can produce a drawing on this mat just like they would on a drawing board and then display it virtually. This means that more precise collaborative designs will be possible in the future.

The unique thing about the PC HP Sprout is that it can be used as a collaboration solution. By arranging for a team of developers to share designs digitally with other engineers at the company as well as with customers and partners; all demands and ideas combine into one for the same product. In other words, all parties involved can share a design as if they were working at the same drawing board. The next step is for HP to develop a 3-D scanning function that will allow for real objects to be scanned in and used in the development process.

Innovative process
“The scanning capability would make it much easier to work with complex components where it is not immediately clear where seals will be needed,” explains Holger Baur at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions. “Today, this is still a vision for the future, but that is precisely what characterizes our competence in innovation; we are already working on completely new IT solutions that we can put to use in the future. In our demonstration at the exhibition, we showed what interdisciplinary, cross-site and inter company collaboration might look like in the future. The goal is to improve how employees, customers and partners, but also product development, work together. The feedback from visitors to Hannover Messe was extremely positive.”

Besides this collaboration solution, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions also presented an augmented reality installation where visitors to the trade fair were able to view seals virtually. In the future, it will be possible to present a virtual, three dimensional image of products so that customers can view them from every angle. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions is therefore building a bridge between current products and innovative design techniques and visionary developments that will shape the working world of the future.

Trelleborg Begins Manufacturing at New Aerospace Facility to Further Support its Market Leading Position

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions cements its leading European position in the aerospace sealing market with the commencement of manufacturing at a new facility at Condé sur Noireau, France. In parallel, the business area’s manufacturing, engineering support and sales structure is realigned in recognition of the international nature of the aerospace business.

New Aerospace Facility France

The Trelleborg Sealing Solutions 3,500 meter square facility that will employ around one hundred executives and skilled workers is the result of an investment of approximately five million EUR funded by Trelleborg in conjunction with the Calvados Council and the Community of Municipalities of the county of Condé. The manufacturing site replaces an existing facility in the area.

“Demand for high-performance sealing solutions is favorable in the aerospace industry,” says Business Area President, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, Claus Barsøe. “This facility will be an effective resource for our existing and future aerospace customers. The choice to keep aerospace manufacturing in France shows Trelleborg’s commitment to the aviation industry within the country.”

The realigned global aerospace organization for Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, Global Marketing Aerospace, will act as a focal point for the solutions provided by more than 15 Trelleborg Sealing Solutions manufacturing facilities focused on production for aerospace. At a local level, dedicated engineers liaise with customer design teams while logistics teams coordinate delivery globally.

Michel Prouff, Director of Global Marketing Aerospace, says: “We’ve seen a trend for our aerospace customers to become fewer and larger through mergers and acquisitions. Recognizing that manufacturing may be in one region while engineering is in another, we’ve setup our aerospace marketing structure to reflect that. Importantly, our expert local engineers can work with our customers’ engineers in their local language. Then our international logistics network can ensure delivery, where required and as required, from our worldwide manufacturing facilities, supplying components that comply with all required aerospace standards.”

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has over 60 years of experience in the aerospace industry, which it utilizes to provide the optimum sealing solution for each application, guaranteeing long-life to minimize planned maintenance and maximize flight time.

The new Global Marketing Aerospace structure offers a one-stop-shop for aerospace elastomer and plastic sealing solutions with strong R&D support and in-house state of the art manufacturing providing components that are compliant with all aerospace quality and process standards. Advanced delivery options can be tailored to meet customer requirements and include single bag and tag, kitting and direct line feed.