Manufacturing Move to Colorado Technology Center to Accommodate Future Growth and Operational Excellence

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions announces that it is relocating its lean manufacturing operations of engineered seal and bearing for advanced applications in aerospace, automotive, life sciences and offshore oil and gas industries to the prestigious Colorado Technology Center in Louisville, Colorado, U.S.

Having signed a 10-year lease agreement, the company’s move to a larger facility will comprise nearly 76,000 square feet of the center’s state-of-the-art industrial complex. Plans for its move of 125 employees and long-standing Broomfield manufacturing operations will begin in the second quarter and be fully operational by October 2014.

Tom Potosky, General Manager, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, Broomfield says: “We are very excited about this expansion as it affords us the opportunity to continue to serve our current business effectively as well as positions us to better leverage new opportunities for continued growth of our sealing business. By having staff and manufacturing operations reside in one larger high-tech facility, we will not only be able to take advantage of advanced technology and equipment, but also gain a more streamlined and collaborative environment to support Trelleborg’s focus on operational excellence.”

Winners of Innovation Award 2013 Handed iPads, 2014 Round Now Open for Ideas

Following another successful year of the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Innovation Award, the winners have been presented with iPads as prizes. A new round of the Innovation Award has started. It will run from March until the end of October 2014.

As Trelleborg continues to pioneer new sealing developments, ideas are being sought that can provide engineering, technology and design solutions for today and tomorrow. The competition is open to anyone, with prizes for the best submissions.

The philosophy behind the award is that everything around us started with somebody having an idea. That idea then needs to be taken and made into reality, to form it into something tangible. The scope of the award is broad so that innovative suggestions are not limited.

Core Values
Director Global Marketing and Communications, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, Robert Zahiri, says: “Open Innovation is one of Trelleborg’s core values and we know that there are lots of ideas out there that can add value to existing applications today and those in the future. We’re not just interested in suggestions for products, technology, materials and digital services and apps but anything that relates to improving our business or the way we do business.”

The 2013 Innovation Award winners are:

  • Frank Höltkemeier – Germany
  • Akihiro Nakamura – Japan
  • Kazuhiko. Takei – Japan
  • Martin Northrop – UK
  • Peter Scott – UK – Peter has generously given his iPad to a local charity in support of Cerebral Palsy

The Next Round

The next round of the Innovation Award has started and will accept entries until 31st October 2014. It will consist of two categories. We are looking for ideas, suggestions and wishes for what customers would like to see from the seal supplier of the future, either for “Products and Technology” or “Digital Services & Apps”.

At the end of this Innovation Award, four iPads will go to the providers of ideas, two in each category. To be in with a chance of winning, submit your idea to the Innovation Award forum at , where you can also find the winning submissions from last year’s awards.

Hydraulic Cylinder Calculator App

A new app from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions aims to make it easier for engineers to specify seals and gain a more detailed understanding of the complex requirements and operation of hydraulic cylinders. By simply entering the dimensions of the cylinder, and parameters like pressure and oil flow, an engineer is quickly provided with areas and volumes in the cylinder, extraction and retraction forces, velocity, time, outflow and ratio to simplify single- or double-acting cylinder design and specification.

The app updates dynamically as the user enters information, and provides full listings of the formulas used in the calculations. Additionally, interactive images depicting the parameters ensure that the user can easily understand the application.

It accepts and outputs data that conforms to ISO 3320, ISO 3321 and ISO 4393, in both metric and inch formats. Results can either be copied to the clipboard or sent via email.

The app is available for iOS and android platforms, as well as a web-based application for desktop use. To get the mobile version, click here or search for ‘Trelleborg’ in the App Store or Google Play. To use the web-based version, click here .

New e-Learning lessons on Rotary Seals

We recently launched our latest e-Learning module on Rotary Seals. In these two new lessons you will get a general introduction of Rotary Seals and you can learn about their properties, functions and their fields of application.

The first lesson on Rotary Seals is now available to you for free:
Rotary Seals Basics Part 1

To access the complete module, please follow the link (registration and log in is required): e-Learning program

You will find two successive lessons that build on each other.

The first lesson features information on:

  • General introduction of Rotary seals
  • Rotary seals materials
  • Radial seals

The second lesson features information on:

  • Axial seals
  • Cassette seals
  • Seal selection
  • Tools & services

All lessons end with an optional test in which you can test what you have learned. A lesson glossary is also provided.

Additional documents can be obtained in the lesson for more detailed information.

Enjoy our brand new lessons!