Trelleborg Sealing Solutions introduces Rubore®

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions introduces the unique Rubore® composite technology to its product portfolio. Focusing on automotive applications, the innovative manufacturing process allows the development of components that offer significant weight-savings and unrivalled total cost reduction only achievable through this method of production.

Rubore® technology is an advanced production process used to create a three to five layer rubber-to-metal sandwich by applying a bonding agent to metal carriers and then vulcanizing rubber to the coated metal. Already world-leading in anti-vibration applications for the automotive industry, a range of Rubore® seals have been developed that includes five products for a variety of applications.

Head of Sales Engineering for the European Automotive Hub for Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, Axel Weimann says: “The real benefits of our patented Rubore® composite technology are apparent when you consider the total cost of production. Working with us, components can be designed or redesigned to integrate Rubore® products. This can lead to significant total cost savings when you consider reduction of handling, the ability to automate assembly and less logistics.

“Another big saving is given in many applications where due to compensation of roughness, the need for surface finishing can be alleviated. In addition, minimizing component weight not only reduces material costs, but also contributes to the automotive designers’ objective to lower vehicle weight.”

One example of how the Rubore® composite technology has worked in practice is the seal design of an electronic control unit (ECU). The room available within an engine compartment or vehicle interior is limited, meaning that complex designs which fit space requirements are essential.

In a harsh environment, like the engine compartment, the ECU cover is constructed from metal and sealing is usually with a molded gasket, manually inserted in to the groove or achieved by gluing with liquid silicone or elastomer. The preferred solution was a Rubore® Cover Seal, where the rubber seal is combined with the ECU cover in a single integrated unit, meaning costly manual installation is no longer needed.

Rubore® seals can optimize production processes by improving accuracy and lowering costs as well as reducing lead, handling and assembly times. More complex components can be designed that are lighter weight with improved product function.

  • Rubore® Flat Seal – Flat gaskets prevent micro leakage
  • Rubore® Frame Seal – Stiff flexible seal allows for tolerance variation
  • Rubore® Slide Ring – Metal-reinforced guide rings preventing groove vibration
  • Rubore® Cap Seal – Circular cover seals negating the need for glue or adhesive
  • Rubore® Cover Seal – Integrated housing seals for small spaces, to lower weight and improve quality

For more information and to view a film on the Rubore® product, go to .


Launching the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Innovation Award

Trelleborg launches the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Innovation Award. As Trelleborg continues to pioneer new sealing developments, ideas are being sought that can provide engineering, technology and design solutions for today and tomorrow. The competition is open to anyone, with prizes for the best submissions.

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Innovation in Design and Engineering

The philosophy behind the award is that everything around us started with somebody having an idea. That idea then needs to be taken and made into reality, to form it into something tangible. The scope of the award is broad so that innovative suggestions are not limited.

Director Global Marketing and Communications, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, Robert Zahiri, says: “Open Innovation is one of Trelleborg’s core values and we know that there are lots of ideas out there that can add value to existing applications today and those in the future. We’re not just interested in suggestions for products, technology and materials but anything that relates to improving our business or the way we do business, for instance, novel suggestions for online tools, manufacturing processes or logistic related services.”

Technology for today and tomorrow

As well as receiving a 5,000 EUR prize, the winning idea will be converted into a tangible project. iPads will be awarded to the ideas in second and third places. Further details on the award and how to submit ideas can be found by going to or jump directly into the forum .

Trelleborg invests in world’s most powerful test bench

Installed in a specially constructed well, the 18-ton, 260 kW floating-mount rod seal test bench is located at Trelleborg’s research and development center in Stuttgart, Germany. It is capable of simulating, as realistically as possible, the patterns of movements and stresses faced by hydraulic rod seals in some of the most demanding rod seal applications, such as aircraft landing gear, injection molding machines and mining excavators.

“Our seals are used all over the world and must be able to operate equally effectively in the cold of the Antarctic as in the heat of the Sahara Desert,” says Holger Jordan, Manager of Fluid Power Technology. “Our substantial investment in this test rig allows us to offer our customers a unique facility to prove seals against ever-increasing development requirements.”

“The test bench is about simulating the real world as closely as possible in the laboratory,” says Eric Seeling, the engineer responsible for its design. “The rig can perform long-term endurance and development tests, reproducing the effect on hydraulic rod seals of, for example, 25,000 landings of an aircraft or a million upstrokes on a press. In particular, it excels in aerospace applications where it can check parameters such as braking or lateral forces on landing gear and even simulate life-like knocking caused by uneven runways; what might be called a bumpy landing.”

A resource for the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions international R&D network, over 35 years of testing experience went into the design of the test bench. The entire bench was installed in a concrete well so that vibrations can be isolated from the surrounding building. The drive unit was set up in a separate room so that energy otherwise lost through emissions can be used in an environmentally friendly manner to reheat the building.

The test bench is suitable for seals from 4 to 16 inches in diameter and can test a complete sealing configuration in a single test construction, replicating the pressure between the primary and secondary seals realistically. Travelling at speeds of up to 3.3 feet per second or frequencies up to 10 Hz, it can generate movements and pressure patterns in sinus waves, trapezoidal forms and even freely modeled patterns.

One of the test bench’s more novel features is a lateral force cylinder mounted at the bottom of the bench. Capable of exerting forces of up to 225 kN, it can place permanent radial loads on the seals, or, depending on the stroke, exert dynamic loads. Another special feature is the ability to simulate different atmospheric temperatures between -76°F and +194°F. Results can be fully documented, allowing customers to provide their clients with proof of performance related to prescribed parameters.

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions announces partnership with Earthrise

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Announces its Partnership with the Omega Envoy Team Competing in the Google Lunar X Prize.
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions announces its partnership with Earthrise Space, Inc. (ESI) in sponsorship of Omega Envoy, a non-profit space technology developer competing in the Google Lunar X PRIZE (GLXP). The team will compete by safely landing a robot on the surface of the moon and responding back with images and data.

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, a global developer and manufacturer of advanced sealing solutions will provide sealing education, selection guidance and products for the team’s use.

“It’s a great experience to provide education and watch this team through the many phases from creation to launch of their project,” says Antonio Garcia, Aerospace Segment Manager for Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Americas,. “The Omega Envoy is a team comprised of diverse specialties and an innovative group to work with. As our products play an integral part in space exploration, it’s a great experience to be a part of this project.”

“We are excited to welcome Trelleborg Sealing Solutions as our latest partner in the Omega Envoy project,” says Ruben D. Nunez, President and Founder of ESI. “The seal education and products they are providing will be put to direct use by our student team members as they build and test hardware for our GLXP mission. Trelleborg’s experience is exactly what we need to enhance our team and design for our mission to the moon scheduled to launch in 2014.”

Earthrise Space, Inc. is a Florida-based non-profit corporation dedicated to developing space technology in collaboration with industry and academic institutions. ESI’s Omega Envoy Project is creating a key set of lunar spacecraft infrastructure, which will fulfill the requirements of the Google Lunar X PRIZE and provide a platform for the delivery of commercial payloads to the lunar surface.