Trelleborg showcases innovations at OTC Brazil

Trelleborg will be exhibiting its extensive product portfolio for the offshore industry at the first ever Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Brazil October 4-6. The group, which will be located in Booth 501, will be represented by its Sealing Solutions, Offshore and Industrial Hose product areas.

Innovative solutions

The Sealing Solutions, Offshore and Industrial Hose businesses will showcase a number of new technologies at the exhibition, including the world’s first buoyancy module system deployed on a drill pipe landing string, as well as a range of Explosive Decompression Resistant (EDR) materials and specially designed oil hoses for calm buoy, deep-sea and gas applications.

With the oil and gas industry a key focus for Trelleborg, it is continually developing new and innovative solutions designed to seal, damp and protect in demanding offshore environments.

Manufacturing an important step

“Our commitment to the oil and gas industry can be further demonstrated through our new Brazil facility. It will be dedicated to the production of a wide range of syntactic, buoyancy and polymer-based solutions for offshore topside and subsea oil and gas exploration when completed in January 2012. It will bring us closer to the action.” says Global Marketing Manager for Trelleborg Offshore, Phil Walsh.

“Brazil is a key region for our industry and as such, we have resumed manufacturing flexible hoses at our Sao Paulo factory, which we acquired in April 2011,” says Technology and Quality Manager at Trelleborg Industrial Hoses, Elisabete Askinis Wilhelm. “This new business will focus on specially designed oil hoses for surface and deep-sea applications for the strongly growing offshore oil and gas extraction industry in Brazil, and represents an important step in our quest to strengthen our presence in this significant area.”

Specialized sealing material and products

“We look forward to presenting the Trelleborg Group as a whole,” says Oil and Gas Segment Manager for Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Americas, Eric Bucci. “OTC Brazil provides the ideal platform for us to bring our innovative solutions for demanding applications directly to the people who can benefit from them most.”

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions will feature its unique XplorR™ range of EDR materials specifically formulated for the oil and gas industry, along with its FlexiMold™ technology that enables the production of giant high-quality seals meeting the high-integrity needs of the oil and gas industry. Demonstrating the group’s commitment to education, the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions team also will be demonstrating its full range of online and mobile apps designed to make seal specification easier.

Partnership in buoyancy

Alongside deepwater energy specialists Landing String Solutions LLC, Trelleborg Offshore will be exhibiting the world’s first buoyancy module system deployed on a drill pipe landing string. The two companies combined forces to develop and manufacture this innovative system, which will enable safer and more cost-effective deepwater operations for the oil and gas industry.

The Landing String Solutions’ patented system is designed to offset the landing string weight by as much as 80 percent in some cases. This reduction in weight makes it safer for heavy casing strings to be utilized from deepwater floating rigs. Furthermore, it expands the operating range of third-, fourth- and fifth-generation drilling rigs to step out into the drilling depths where previously only the ultra-deepwater class drilling vessels could operate.

Pioneering bonded hoses

Trelleborg Industrial Hoses will be showcasing its TRELLINE oil offloading lines (OOL) transfer system. Developed alongside SBM Offshore, the innovative system pioneers the use of bonded hoses to provide the cargo transfer link, removing the need for rigid steel pipelines or flexible unbonded long length systems. The TRELLINE unique solution was purposefully developed to provide long service operation of 10 to 25 years, not only for deep water configurations, but also for calm buoy and gas applications.

Isolast® J9876 material meets most mechanical sealing requirements

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions launches Isolast® J9876, a new perfluoroelastomer with specific properties for use in mechanical seals. This new compound removes the need for multiple material grades supporting different applications. Its excellent long-term physical property retention results from the fact that it has the most comprehensive media resistance at elevated temperatures of any perfluoroelastomer on the market.

A breakthrough in mechanical sealing

Isolast® J9876 is compatible with virtually all media, suitable for high-temperature applications and for use in steam and water. Its compliance to USP Class VI means it can be used in pharmaceutical applications.

“The new Isolast® J9876 material represents a breakthrough in mechanical sealing,” says Steven Farnsworth, CPI Processing Equipment Segment Manager for Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Americas. “It is engineered to provide a balance between outstanding thermal performance and media compatibility. It offers a perfect fit for mechanical seal elements with its improved compression set and higher temperature capabilities. The two features work together to allow the material longer exposure to high temperatures and chemical contact without losing the mechanical properties which make it a great sealing compound.”

High temperature capabilities

Isolast® J9876 has a continuous operating temperature range from +19°F to +527°F/ -7°C to + 275°C with occasional peaks up to +599°F / +315°C. The compound is available in any size O-Ring, gasket, molded part or rubber-to-metal bonded components, including door and gate seals. In addition to mechanical seals, Isolast® J9876 is also a great choice for chemical processing systems, pumps, valves, power generation equipment, refineries and semiconductor applications not directly exposed to plasma sources.

The new material is part of the Isolast® range of proprietary perfluoroelastomers from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions. In addition to this universal material, the range includes a number of compounds specifically engineered for the requirements of the chemical processing, semiconductor fabrication and oil & gas industries.