Launching iPhone App “Unit and Hardness Converter”

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions launches new iPhone app “Unit and Hardness Converter”. It converts frequently used units and currencies in an efficient and convenient way, as well as popular hardness scales for various material types based on ISO and ASTM standards.

Wide range of engineering and scientific units

“Unit and Hardness Converter” is intuitive and very easy to use. By simply selecting the dimension and entering the value for conversion, the app offers a wide range of engineering and scientific units for each dimension. For the hardness conversion, the user selects the appropriate material type table and upon entering a value, the input can be converted to other hardness scales.

“This is the second app we have launched,” says Wolfgang Heinrich, Website Specialist for Trelleborg Sealing Solutions. “We are always looking for ways to make our customers’ working lives easier, and with the workforce becoming more mobile every day, we’ll continue to provide tools that can be used on the go.”

For use in lots of design situations

One-touch access to the automatically updated library of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions films and animations on YouTube is a key feature. For more information, just click ‘Contact’ and you can choose to email or be connected to the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions website.

The app can be used in a wide range of design situations, whether related to sealing or not. “Unit and Hardness Converter” is available in English and German free of charge from iTunes or via the Apple App Store on the iPhone and iPod Touch. It can easily be found by searching for ‘Trelleborg Converter’ or ‘Trelleborg Einheiten” in German.

“ISO Fits & Tolerances” app

This new app is in addition to the highly successful “ISO Fits & Tolerances” app. Aimed at engineers, it provides results based on the ISO 286 System of Limits and Fits. It is available free of charge from iTunes or via the Apple App Store on the iPhone and iPod Touch (search for ‘Trelleborg ISO Fits.’) or

Strengthened position in life sciences

Trelleborg has through its Sealing Solutions business area signed an agreement to acquire operations within Silcotech Group, with total sales of slightly more than SEK 200 M and some 150 employees. The operation focuses on precision seals and components in liquid silicone, primarily for the pharmaceutical industry and medical technology sector, but also used in certain critical electronic applications.

“We have assigned priority to growth in life science and Silcotech is one of the leading companies in its niche segment,” says Claus Barsøe, President of the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions business area. “This acquisition strengthens our product portfolio and improves our position in this area. It also provides good potential for synergies in terms of sales, enabling us to almost immediately offer Silcotech’s solutions to certain existing customers, and in relation to manufacturing through mutual technology synergies.

“The addition of Silcotech expands our know-how in cleanroom manufacturing of silicon components for the pharmaceutical and medical technology sectors in a highly automated environment. The staff of Silcotech adds a strong competence base, which will play a crucial role in our future global ambitions in life science.”

The purchase consideration amounts to approximately SEK 300 M and the acquisition is expected to be finalized during the second quarter 2011. The Silcotech Group is privately owned and has a manufacturing operation in Stein am Rhein in Switzerland and joint venture operations in Pernik, Bulgaria and Huizhou, in southern China. The acquisition encompasses the entire operation in Switzerland, including the plant, and 50 percent of the joint venture in Bulgaria, with an option to acquire the remaining share, and an option to acquire the majority share of the joint venture in China.

New North and Latin America logistics headquarters

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions hosted a grand opening ceremony on March 16th for its new Supply Chain Facility and Logistics Center Americas in Fort Wayne, Indiana, U.S.

Keeping pace with growth plans

The company invested more than $1.5 million in infrastructure and facility improvements in its 38,000-square-foot office building and 90,000-square-foot warehouse. Trelleborg Sealing Solutions, which serves such industries as aerospace, automotive, transportation and processing, currently employs more than 300 associates at three facilities in Fort Wayne.

Image shows ribbon cutting. From left to right: Dr. Thomas Uhlig, Tim Callison, Claus Barsøe, Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry and Kevin Fosnaugh

“The warehouse gives Supply Chain Management the opportunity to keep pace with Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Americas’ ambitious growth plans,” says Kevin Fosnaugh, Director, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions SCM Americas. “We are in a great position to not only support our customers throughout the Americas better, but also support the local business community.”

Remodeling, upgrading and new equipment

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions remodeled and upgraded the facade and interior of the office building and made cosmetic and lighting improvements to the warehouse. The company also added mobile picking equipment, conveyors, packaging equipment, racks and information technology and telecom hardware to the facility.

Featured speakers at the event were Kevin Fosnaugh, Director, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions SCM Americas, Dr. Thomas Uhlig, President, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Global Supply Chain Management, Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry, Claus Barsøe, President, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions and Tim Callison, President, Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Marketing Americas.

PTFE sealing material sets new benchmark for hydraulic seals

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has made an important breakthrough with a PTFE based sealing material that can excel in virtually any hydraulic application.

Exceptional performance against hydraulic sealing characteristics

Extensive testing has shown Turcon® M12 has exceptional performance against the most important hydraulic sealing characteristics, such as wear, friction and high pressure operation. The material is also resistant to virtually all media, including a broad range of lubricants.

The cost-effective material provides customers with extended seal life, as well as a wide operating window in terms of temperature, pressure and velocity, and performs as well or better than specialized compounds in each parameter.

On almost every parameter Turcon® M12 is better

“Turcon® M12 has exceeded even our expectations and we believe no other material can give such universally outstanding performance,” says Holger Jordan, who heads up the fluid power technology department within the R&D department at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions in Stuttgart, Germany.

“On almost every parameter it is better, sometimes very significantly so, than previously recommended compounds, or was at least equal to them. Despite the outstanding performance of many of our sealing materials, we don’t often stand up and say that this is the best in market. But Turcon® M12 is truly unrivalled, fitting virtually all hydraulic applications,” he adds.

Recommended as the material of choice for hydraulic applications

Before its launch, Turcon® M12 was put through its paces in the research lab, undergoing an extensive test program comparing it to best-in-class compounds, against important sealing parameters. Turcon® M12 was developed by Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Helsingør, Denmark and tested in the R&D labs in Stuttgart, Germany and Fort Wayne, Indiana, U.S.

Image shows typical hydraulic cylinder

Based on these test results, Turcon® M12 is now recommended as the material of choice for a wide variety of hydraulic applications. Features and benefits of Turcon® M12 include:

  • Resistant to virtually all media including a broad range of lubricants
  • Outstanding wear resistance and friction characteristics
  • Provides extended seal life
  • Operates in wide temperature, pressure and velocity ranges
  • Minimal abrasion of hardware, preventing damage to counter surfaces
  • Robust for harsh environments
  • Good resistance to extrusion
  • Less environmental impact as it does not include bronze fillers
  • Reduced stock holding and fewer items to handle
  • Cost-effective solution

Summary of test results:

Turcon® is the Trelleborg Sealing Solutions brand of proprietary Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) sealing materials. The Turcon® M12 matrix is medium-filled with a complex mix of non-abrasive mineral fibers combined with additives. With other PTFE based sealing compounds, it was used to produce Turcon® Stepseal® 2K, Turcon® Twinseal, Turcon® Stepseal® V and Slydring® seal configurations. The seals underwent a number of stringent test regimes to measure performance against a variety of sealing parameters critical to the effective performance of seals within hydraulic applications.

Compatibility with mineral oil and environmentally-friendly hydraulic fluid

Mineral oil:

  • Matched best-in-class materials
  • Lowest friction force of all compounds
  • Smallest reduction in seal profile height, giving lowest overall wear and deformation.

Environmentally-friendly hydraulic fluids:

  • Outstanding results in terms of leakage control
  • Friction force extremely good with excellent stability
  • Reduction in radial height of the profile comparative with best-in-class materials
  • Turcon® M12 is now recommended as the material of choice for use with bio oils.

Friction mapping – performance at different pressures and speeds

  • At all pressures and velocities the lowest friction force.

Friction force Slydring®

  • After the run-in period, friction lower than for all other compounds tested
  • Combined lowest wear and deformation, leading to extended seal life

High-pressure wear test

  • Even in this extreme test the seal showed virtually zero wear with no micro-scratching
  • Performed better than any other Turcon® compound

Wear test – wind turbine pitch cylinder specification

  • Only slight polishing of chrome-plated rod with no micro scratching and no extrusion
  • Roughness values stayed very constant enabling the tribological system between seal contact area and counter surface to run in a defined area
  • Surface of the seal showed virtually no wear

Wear test – short stroke, high frequency

  • Prevents counter surface scratching
  • Even after 1.3 million cycles the grinding pattern is still visible on the rod
  • Only slight polishing of the metal surface and no micro scratching
  • Particularly suited to applications where there are short-stroke, high-frequency movements.

US facility recognized for excellence in safety and health

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions in Broomfield, Colo. has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration for excellence in Trelleborg’s employee safety and health program. The Broomfield facility has been designated as a “star” site in OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Programs.

Standards met or exceeded expectations

“We were evaluated in several areas, including management leadership/employee involvement, worksite analysis, hazard prevention/control and safety & health training,” says Tom Potosky, General Manager of Trelleborg Sealing Solutions Broomfield. “All of our standards met or exceeded OSHA’s expectation.”

“Trelleborg is an example of what can be accomplished in a workplace when employees and managers work together to proactively eliminate hazards,” says Greg Baxter, OSHA’s regional administrator in Denver. “Their commitment to excellence is commendable, and we are glad to have worksites of this quality in our region.”

Effective safety and health management systems

The Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) recognize private and federal worksites with effective safety and health management systems that have maintained injury and illness rates below national Bureau of Labor Statistics averages. Brad Baptiste, OSHA’s Regional VPP Manager, presented a VPP flag and plaque to the Trelleborg team.

Management, labor and OSHA work cooperatively and proactively to prevent fatalities, injuries and illnesses through a system focused on hazard prevention and control, worksite analysis and training. Union support is required for applicant worksites where employees are represented by a bargaining unit. Participating worksites are exempt from OSHA programmed inspections while they maintain their VPP status.

For more information, visit the OSHA website

Launching improved Isolast® J9440 sealing material

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions launches an improved version of Isolast® J9440. With outstanding value for a perfluoroelastomer sealing material, Isolast® J9440 now has a higher operating temperature up to +240°C/ +464°F and is accredited to the USP Class 6 standard for use in pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare industries.

Balance between performance and cost

“Developed for high volume applications in industrial, chemical, pharmaceutical and process industries, Isolast® J9440 gives unbeatable value to our customers,” says Muzaffer Sheikh, Isolast® Product Manager. “It is engineered to provide a balance between performance and cost. Over the past 18 months we have seen this material adopted by a number of leading manufacturers, winning significant approvals from them. Now with this improved formulation, we expect to see more.”

Isolast® J9440 has a continuous operating temperature range from -7°C/ +19°F to + 240°C/ +464°F and is compatible with virtually all media. The compound is available in all O-Ring sizes, as gaskets, molded parts or rubber-to-metal bonded components. It is suitable for the lacquer, paint and coating industry, chemical processing systems, cleaning agent dispensers, pumps, valves, power generation equipment, refineries and semiconductor applications. In particular, its USP Class 6 accreditation means the material can be used in pharmaceutical and medical applications.

Isolast® range of proprietary perfluoroelastomers

The improved material is part of the Isolast® range of proprietary perfluoroelastomers from Trelleborg Sealing Solutions. In addition to this material the range includes a number of compounds specifically engineered for the requirements of the chemical processing, semiconductor fabrication and oil & gas industries.